Percher Configurations

All in ONE product

The seven possible configurations of the Percher allows a bird to be weighed for health reasons, it allows a large bird to sit on the Cone Perch so it doesn’t tip the product and still catches their poop. It allows the professional bird trainer to quickly access their bird for the audience. If your bird is potty trained, you can use the T-Perch to quickly get a bird out of its cage.

The Percher is one product yet has seven possible configurations and it uses an interchangeable twist and lock system.

1. Free-Standing Percher:

Free-standing perch perfect for training sessions or just hanging out. It’s a bird stand that protects your hand and so much more. Easy to clean cone offers safer handling & protection from bird waste. It gathers the poop, protects the hand, and is portable.

2. Hand-Held Percher:

3. Tall Perch: The Tall Perch configuration is ideal for birds with large tails and provides a stable perch. For those birds that use their beaks to step off a perch, the Tall Perch configuration captures them for an extended period of time. The Tall Perch captures your bird. The Tall Perch configuration captures many types of birds because they are not able to use their beak to step off the perch. – PIX of grey on Tall Perch

4. Free-Standing T-Perch:

The Free-Standing T-Perch provides 

5. Short Perch:

Perfect for weighing birds and great for training young birds to perch.

6. Cone Perch:

The Cone Perch is perfect for amazons. It still catches their poop.

Although “all” companion birds “can” use the Percher, some birds just too big to remain comfortably on the Percher.

7. Hand-Held T-Perch:

The T-Perch Percher configuration is ideal for training a bird and for getting a bird in and out of their cage. It’s also good for capturing a bird from hard to reach places. Use the T-Perch configuration to quickly get your bird in and out of a cage.

Tall Perch

Tall Perch Configuration

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