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Bird Perch

Build a better bond with your bird!

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  • Protects the hand
  • Gathers the waste
  • Hand-held or free-standing


  • Portable
  • Easy to clean
  • Simple to use


  • Universal Perch
  • A great training tool
  • Enhances the interaction between birds and humans

Features • Advantages • Benefits

Protects the Hand
Enhances Interaction
Percher® Bird Perch_HandHeld Percher
For All Ages
Free-Standing Percher® Bird Perch

For a wide range of birds


Gathers the Waste

Percher® Bird Perch


Because the Percher is portable, users can enjoy their birds anywhere and at arm’s length without the threat or mess.

Portable Percher
Hand-Held T-Perch Percher

Hand-Held or

Free Standing Percher® Bird Perch
Percher® Bird Perch_Hand Held Percher
1. Hand-Held Percher

4 PERCHER Components

Percher® Bird Perch_Components

7 Possible Perches

Percher® Bird Perch_African Grey On The Percher
2. Free-Standing Percher
Percher® Bird Perch_Tall Perch
3. Tall Perch
Percher® Bird Perch_Free Standing Perch
4. Free-Standing T-Perch
Percher® Bird Perch_Short Perch
5. Short Perch
Percher® Bird Perch_Cone Perch
6. Cone Perch
Percher® Bird Perch_Hand Held T-Perch
7. Hand-Held T-Perch
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